Greetings from Innovative Web Art

It is not an easy task to deliver a project successfully, and see that smile on clients' face. It is always good to read positive feedbacks and appreciation e-mails. But, it takes a lot more to deliver a project than just combining few resources and people in place. Over the years, we have designed a systematic approach that we follow during each and every project we handle and deliver.

However, this approach lets us deliver the projects smoothly within stipulated time-frames; we always try to improve things at each and every step involved. Below is the end-to-end methodology of how we work.

Our Values
  • Free Consultation

    We provide a free consultation along with a free price quote for your project. At this stage, we also let you know the approach we take to complete your project, including the time-frame. If you choose to get our services, one of our expert executives will be in touch with you after the upfront payment is realized.

  • Discussion and More Discussion

    We believe that you cannot make understand your needs in a few minutes, or say, we cannot understand it in a few minutes, or even hours. This is the reason we discuss. We discuss each and every detail of the project. Because we know that this saves a lot of time and resources at a later stage. We lay stress on the discussion at this stage to understand all your needs and make them absolutely clear.

  • Design Prototype

    The more the time spent during discussions and clarifying things, the earlier and easy it is to design a prototype for your project. Once you get the mockup design, we expect a complete feedback from your side to amend things, if required.

  • Approval

    Till the time you do not send us your approval of satisfaction on the mockup design, we do not consider it final. Once approved, we start moving forward on it.

  • Development of the Project

    Depending on the nature of your project, we club up all the resources and start working on it. While your project is being worked upon, you will receive constant updates on the status quo of the same.

  • Project Testing

    Once the project is completed, it will be tested for glitches, bugs, errors, if any. At this time, you will have complete access to the project to check for any errors at your end. Based on your comments and feedback, necessary adjustments will be made, almost immediately.

  • Completion of Project

    Per the delivery format chosen by you, the files will be transferred over to you. At this stage, the project is deemed to be completed.

Other Vital Points
  • Payment Policy

    Innovative Web Art gives you an estimation of the project cost before the discussion. Also, we ask for 50% upfront payment from all the new clients we work with. We accept all the major credit cards. Payment can also be transferred via PayPal and other modes. The project starts as soon as the payment is realized.

  • Timeline

    We strongly believe that everything needs to be delivered in time. We let you know the estimated time it will take to complete the project. Also, if possible, a stage-wise timeline chart will also be provided, depending upon the nature of the project. We adhere to strict timeline schedules for projects. Our project managers remain in constant touch with you right from the initiation of the project to its completion. At any point in time, we do not compromise on the quality of the project.

  • Guarantee of Work

    We guarantee completion of work within stipulated time-frame; however, if you wish to discontinue our services at any stage, we will refund the deposits after deducting $100 for each and every draft shared with you. In case you choose to continue with our services, we will be providing you complete 1-year technical support for any bugs, glitches, and errors, provided our files are not changed by any other programmer/developer/agency.

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