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Mobiles have changed the way we live in this world, completely. No more are mobiles the devices that are used only for making and receiving calls. Over the period of time, and especially in the last five years, mobiles have become extremely powerful. Mobiles have become an integral part of humans' life. There is a large chunk of people who cannot imagine their life without a mobile phone. Very lately, mobile phones have taken the name of smartphones. These smartphones are not just smart by name but really do justice to what they are called.

As the usage of smartphones has increased, a lot of people have started to access the internet via their phones. Nearly 1 out of every 7 searches made over the internet are done through a mobile device, and this usage is certainly going to increase in the future. This scenario calls every business to have a dedicated mobile website, and this is also where we can help you!

  • Do You Really Need a Mobile Website?

    Yes, you do. It is really important for you to have a separate mobile website. The current internet usage and access scenarios call for a separate mobile website. The time is not far when the majority of people will access the internet completely via their mobile devices. It is just the starting of the "app" revolution, and we have nearly 5 million in iOS and Android markets. The future of the internet will be controlled by mobile devices. Therefore, it becomes very essential for you to have a dedicated mobile website. Having your website on a mobile platform will increase the visitors on your website, and thus your business.

  • Why Do You Need a Mobile Website Right Now?

    With more than 5 million apps in different app markets and a large number of websites being accessed via the mobile platform, it becomes highly essential for you to get a mobile website designed right now. If you do not have a dedicated website for the mobile platform, there are chances you are losing a good number of customers; and this number is going to increase in future. Therefore, act wise, see the figures, take a decision, and get a mobile website designed for your business right now.

  • What All Goes into a Mobile Website?

    Mobile is a totally different platform as compared to the desktop. A lot of things need to be considered while designing a mobile website, because of constraints like small screen, internet speed, space, etc. One needs to develop a mobile website in a way that it presents the most important features of the business. Here are things that should be taken care of while designing a mobile website.

    • Easy user-interface
    • What information goes in, and why?
    • What all not to include, and why?
    • Easy navigation
    • Connectivity and speed

    Mobile websites are designed by designers who have experience and expertise in the same, and Innovative Web Art has a good number of such professionals.

  • Affordable Solution

    While, generally, the budget is not a problem for large businesses, it surely is a constraint for smaller ones. As mobile website design requires special expertise, it does not come cheap. You always need to have a mobile website designing service that is both affordable and good in quality, for you cannot afford to have a faulty mobile website. We at Innovative Web Art believe in delivering solutions at a price that is lower to what others can offer, and a quality that is matchless. We can prove to be an affordable solution for all your website designing needs.

  • Innovative Web Art Can Help

    Designing specialists at Innovative Web Art have both experience and expertise in designing mobile websites. We have designed mobile websites for hundreds and hundreds of clients successfully over the past couple of years. In fact, there have been instances where clients have asked us to develop both the desktop and mobile versions together. We can also help you decide upon the content and features that you need to put on the mobile website. Call us now for a free quote on developing a mobile website.

  • What’s in THE Future for mobile websites

    The future belongs to the mobile devices. Per number of surveys carried out in the recent past, for the most part, the internet is going to be accessed via mobile devices in the future. Only a small number of people will have time to sit in front of their desktops to surf the internet; others will use it through mobile devices. Having a mobile website designed will prove to be an investment that will reap benefits in future, and Innovative Web Art can help you completely with this.

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