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There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web; while some are same, others are entirely different from each other. This is the reason that websites have been categorized differently, based on how they are made and their functionality. Now, custom web programming helps you get what you are looking for. Whether you are targeting to develop a shopping portal, forum, blog, daily-deal portal, business website, or anything else, customized web programming helps you get the things the way you want, right from the interface to the overall outlook and administration panel.

We at Innovative Web Art know the inside-out of web programming. Whether you are looking to get a simple one-page website for your business or a complex eCommerce portal, we can provide all-encompassing solutions to all your needs.

Web programmers at Innovative Web Art have experience and expertise in each and every aspect of web programming; name it and we have it. At Innovative Web Art, we have designed custom web programming packages to suit every need and pocket; we are sure we have a customized solution to suit your budget!

What Do You Understand by Web Development?

Web development is an umbrella term given to a wide variety of activities carried out in the world of World Wide Web or internet. Not only it includes the overall look and interface of any website, but also the back-end, i.e., coding, etc. Well, if you ask any web development professional about it, he/she would largely point towards the non-design aspect of the website, i.e., coding, etc. Web development includes a whole bunch of activities, depending on the type of product you are looking for. Needs of a social networking website are entirely different than that of an eCommerce portal.

  • Experience of more than 9+ years in Custom Website Design & Development

  • Developed websites across various industries & geographies

  • A team of of 25+ Professionals UI/UX Designer and Developer

  • 12 Month Free Technical Support*T&C Apply

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites

Talking broadly, there are two types of websites – static and dynamic. A static website is a portal that has a limited amount of information over it, and it does not change that frequently. In other words, we can say that not much information is poured into a static website. It, generally, stays the same with minor changes now and then, depending upon the need of the business. Most of the websites relating to a company, organization, or individual come into the category of static websites. Coming on to the next category – dynamic websites – these are the ones on which we pour in content on a regular basis. Every blog is a dynamic website. In simple words, a website in which the content keeps on changing on a regular basis is known as a dynamic website. There is no set rule on the number of web pages that a static or dynamic website might have. It entirely depends on the nature of the website.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of static and dynamic websites. Let's take on the static websites first.
  • Advantages of Static Websites

    • Easy to develop
    • Easy to maintain
    • Cheaper to host
  • Advantages of Dynamic Websites

    • Interactive and intelligent
    • Easy to update
    • Webmaster gets visitors’ data that can be used for variety of purposes
  • Disadvantages of Static Websites

    • Non-interactive with the end-user
    • Special skill-sets are required to develop it
    • Prove to be expensive initially
  • Disadvantages of Dynamic Websites

    • Prove to be expensive as compared to static websites

Innovative Web Art Gives You All-Encompassing Solutions

The team at Innovative Web Art is all equipped and experienced to provide you tailor-made solutions at affordable prices. We have web development programmers with specialty in each and every aspect of this domain. Not only they are experienced in their respective work domain, but are also excellent communicators. Furthermore, you can also hire our dedicated and experience web development programmers for full-time, depending upon your projects' requirements. Indeed, we are glad that we have something great to offer to each and every client of ours!

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